Our Mission

Grand Knights Chess Academy was founded early in 2023 as a chess academy serving local schools in King County.

‘My motivation in starting the academy was to bring the excitement of in-person chess to a larger audience of young students. ‘

Sloan Setiadikurnia

founder of Grand Knights Chess Academy

Our mission is to empower students to learn and grow not just as chess players but as people.

Whether students become professional chess players or not, students will learn what it takes to succeed in whatever endeavor they end up pursuing later on in life.

Our Vision

Our goal is to foster a passion for chess and support our students’ personal growth. Our vision is to create a community where young minds can thrive, learn, and develop essential life skills through the game of chess.

Our Approach

Our curriculum is based on 5 levels of progression. We do a mix of lesson time and problem solving time with the class theme in mind. We train students to build healthy habits from the ground up so that when they get into later levels, they do not struggle on the fundamentals. We provide a lot of out of class support to do including but not limited to online homework, tournament support, and family meetups.

Our progression System

Support and Community

At Grand Knights Chess Academy, we foster a supportive and friendly culture among coaches, families, and students. We believe that a positive environment is crucial for effective learning and personal development.

Meet Our Coaches