Our Coaches

Sloan Setiadikurnia


Sloan was born and raised in the greater Seattle area. He was introduced to competitive chess in his 10th grade year at high school and has been hooked ever since. Before becoming a coach, he was the captain of his high school chess club and former president of the USC Chess Club. Sloan also has a degree in Chemical Engineering.

As a player, Sloan has earned an expert rating over the board and continues to train and play every day. He follows several of the top-level tournaments and regularly reads new books/articles to improve his own chess knowledge. He believes that staying stagnant is falling behind.

Over the past eight years, Coach Sloan has coached all levels of scholastic chess ranging from beginners to state and national champions. He engages students through various stories and encourages active learning. He has coached students through private lessons, school chess clubs, group classes, and dedicated training programs. He also regularly visits local tournaments to support his students.

William Dann


Coach William was born and raised in the Seattle area and grew a deep interest into chess during his high school years. He has a strong passion for the game that he loves sharing with his students. He spends most of his free time studying chess games to learn new ideas and strategies! 

In tournament competition, Coach William has defeated several 2000+ rated players and has won several prizes for placing high. 

Coach William also offers private lessons. To reach out for private lessons, please contact him directly at coachwilliam@grandknightschess.com.

Iris Zhang


Coach Iris has been playing chess in the WA State chess scene since she was seven years old. She has an electric enthusiasm for the chess game that she spreads to others. She loves spending her free time studying new chess games to improve herself. She also cares deeply about developing her students’ love of the game.

Coach Iris has been one of the top ranked girls in the state for many years, winning several trophies and awards for her accomplishments. She recently won a scholarship to Webster University for being the top high school finisher at the 2023 Susan Polgar National Championship.

Sam Maurer


Coach Sam became extremely passionate about chess in middle school. He loves exploring openings that are off-beat and not well studied to surprise his more classically prepared opponents. He loves educating his students about the deeper meaning behind each move rather than simply the face value.

Through immense personal passion and dedication, Sam has improved to become a serious contender in Washington High School state chess. He has won against many players with ratings over 2000 and finished in 2nd place at the WA High School State Championship in 2023.