Group Classes

At Grand Knights Chess Academy, we nurture young chess enthusiasts, guiding kids ages 5-14 from beginners to confident tournament players. With experienced coaches and a supportive learning environment, we help students unlock their full potential in the exciting world of chess.

Kindergarten – 8th grade, ages 5-14, all skill levels.

5 different levels of progression

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Small classes – maximum of 6 students per coach.

Weekly class updates.

Each class combines lesson time and problem-solving activities, all focused on the class theme.

Vibrant chess community and multiple events, tournament support and fun extracurricular activities year-round.

Our Group Classes



Class Times:

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Class Format:

1 hour/once a week


Students receive homework assignments on a weekly basis.

Assessment is required for all new students.

Ready to get started?

All new students who wants to join Group Classes are required to schedule an assessment to determine what level would be the best fit for them.

Our progression system

The goal of our first level is to take students who have only played in their school club or with their families to be tournament ready. Skills include but are not limited to learning basic development, checkmate patterns, and good board habits that build the foundation for advanced play.


Our second level is designed to take a student who knows the very basics of chess to recognize tactical themes and use them together to solve more advanced combinations. Students will also be schooled in basic endgames and openings that are common in tournament practice.


Our third level builds on the second level. Students will learn to extend their ability to calculate ahead and use this to take advantage of short term imbalances. Students will also extend their knowledge of endgames and learn openings that utilize attacking themes.


Students in our fourth level will learn to take advantage of long-term aspects of a chess position. They will learn opening and middlegame positions in which playing with and long-term imbalances are key features. Students will also enhance their endgame skill and learn more about how to study on their own.


Students of our final academy level will be those who have demonstrated a true commitment to chess. This includes our coaches, graduates from our core programs, and tournament players rated over 1600. This level will be on new and historical trends based on recent and past games.