Summer Camps
We are flexible!
Full day, half day and extended hours care, meals & snack options available. Email: for more details and how to register for half days and different options. 

We offer two types of summer camps tailored to different interests and learning goals:

High Performance Camps

6 sessions: June 24 – August 30 | 9am-3pm | Grade K-7

This program is designed to prepare students to play beyond the realm of scholastic chess. Most scholastic tournaments throughout the year limit a round to one hour total (40-minutes of no clock and a 10 minute timer at the end). This camp is designed to help students make the shift from playing scholastic only events to more challenging longer-time control games.

Themed Camps

Our themed camps combine chess with other fun activities that encourage students to strengthen their problem solving skills. Our three themes for this summer are pokemon, science, and critical thinking. These camps are designed for all levels of chess.

Pokemon Theme Camp

July 8-12 | 9am-3pm | Grade K-7

During our Pokemon camp chess players will learn and play chess for half a day and learn the basics of card organization and basic game play and beginning strategy for Pokemon the trading card game. For more experienced players, more advanced strategies and activities will be provided. Students will learn and practice social, emotional and physical benefits of play and strategizing tactics which are essential skills for chess. 

Science and Curiosity Camp

August 5-9 | 9am-3pm | Grade K-7

During our science camp chess players will learn and play chess for half a day and discover the microscopic world and enjoy fun science experiences, practice reasoning and problem solving for the other half of the day. Every day we will learn different topics in science including intro to biology, microbiology, chemistry and physics.  

Critical Thinking Camp

August 19-23 | 9am-3pm | Grade K-7

Students will enhance their chess skills by learning alongside similarly skilled participants for half of the day. The other half of the day will be devoted to critical thinking exercises by learning to be a detective! Students will learn to pay better attention to important details and process the information to produce a solution.

After-Camp Enrichment

These are added options exclusively for students that are enrolled in our full day all week chess camps on certain dates.  For more information email:

Payam School of Music

Jul 8-12, Jul 22-26 & Aug 19-23 | 3-4:40 pm | Grade K-8

Discover the joy of piano playing at our accredited piano school! Dive into our enriching 5-day Summer Program designed to boost your musical skills and ignite your passion for piano. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player, our expert instructors will guide you through the basics, teach you various techniques, and even let you play your favorite tunes from the radio, various genres, or classic movies and shows! But that’s not all – unleash your creativity as you compose your own musical piece, complete with your own title and written notation. With personalized 1-on-1 attention and a customized curriculum approach, our program is tailored to elevate your piano learning experience.

Xishan Art Studio

Aug 5–9 | 3-4:30 pm | Grade K-8

After a full day of camp students will be transported to Xishan studio where students will be learning Origami, Marker Painting, Collage, Paper-Cut & Painting, and Texture Art. Parents must pick up daily from Xishan studio at 4:30pm.